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Hello world! 👋

Solving problems and being creative is a huge part of what drives me as a person. I love to try things that I haven't done before, like using a new framework or API and trying to figure out what I can make with it.

Right now I'm learning to become a frontend developer and I really enjoy coding for the browser, it's like a huge playground. If there is something I can imagine there probably is a DOM-method to make it happen.
Things like: “How do I access the camera?”, “How can I draw on the screen”, “How can I use the accelerometer?”. The answer is just a google search away at all times.

I’m currently looking for a place for my internship and I really look forward to learning more and contributing in the software space.



I built this as a quick and easy way for users to vote on things. “What should we have for dinner?”, “Where should we go on holiday?”. No need to register any account or deal with passwords.

Tech used: MERN (typescript), Prime React UI and EmailJS .

github link